Be Kind To Yourself

You’ve often heard the phrase “be kind to others”. Children are taught to practice empathy about others early on. Because adults noticed children could be self centered at nature. Their natural,and almost primal, reaction is to think for themselves. And from an evolutionairy stand point, this makes sense. You need to think about yourself in order to survive. So why did that become such a bad thing?
It’s okay to be selfish. Sometimes, in this day and age, it’s a necessity. You have been programmed to put society first, yourself last. But without a “you” in there, society wouldn’t exist. This sounds even more confusing out loud. Basically if all the people, at all times, were totally unselfish and didn’t do anything for themselves, they would cease to exist.
Parents are the perfect example of this. You MUST take care of yourself,physically, in order to take care of your children. If you don’t drink water,eat, or sleep, you die. Then your children will probably die. It’s as simple as that. Albiet, this is an extreme situation where no one would care for your childre in place of you, but bare with me here. So, if it’s so important to take care of your body, why not your mind, and your spirit? Heck, your mind has muscles in it, and like all muscles it gets weak if it’s not taken care of with the proper work outs. So treat your mind like a muscle. Stretch it at first, and then give it a good work out. You’ll be thankful for this later on.
I believe many other people have probably reminded you all of this self care nonsense before. I know i’ve read about it in the past, and rolled my eyes. Yeah, I’m important, believe in yourself, blah, blah, blah. But with how volitile the current events have gotten, and toxic the media is, it’s more important to shut down and regenerate-kind of like the borg! Sorry, nerd moment. But actually that is one thing I LIKED what the borg did. They shut down totally. They didn’t worrry about what if starfleet attacks them. They just hibernated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was that little machine that could turn us on and off like them? In a way there is. I kind of view the spirit inside of us as a machine. After all, it’s what helps operate the mind and body, right? You say you are officially dead when the “spirit”( the “essence” of who you are as a person) is gone. Some call that your personality, others, soul, and spirit. Whatever that “thing” is, It’s what makes you unique-so we should respect it!
And just like any other survival strategty your authentic self/spirit will tell you when you are overloaded with too much negativity, or too much information. It’s important, more than ever, to LISTEN to it. It’s trying to get you to survive, and noticing the warning signals. Just like when the lights start flashing during a fire, and noises start happening, your spirit is the one who’s pressing that fire alarm-and if you don’t get outside fast you could get lost in the flames forever. Okay, that’s a tad dramatic, but only to a certain extent. I have gotten into the trap of spending HOURS on social media defending my beliefs. It’s exhausting and time consuming. I have spent far too long berating myself for caring too much. For being a bleeding heart liberal. Now, I honestly am trying not to care about caring too much. Right now the world needs more emapthy. The world needs you to be able to voice your opinions without being afraid, or telling you why you are wrong. Constantly correcting someone else on their beliefs also takes a LOT of energy. STOP DOING IT Your body will thank you. And the person being corrected all the time? You are who you are. Unless you are violently hurting people, don’t get sucked into trying to change too much. Your body will be grateful for just letting it settle for a while.
I bring this up partly because I’ve noticed the desire to create for me has gone downhill, but I’ve noticed that in the media too. Maybe some of the reasons movies are getting recycled, or remade, is because no one feels like they have enough energy to BE creative because they are too busy educating others, or feeling ashamed of themselves. This has to stop. This is a toxic wastefland of self doubt, and it’s damaging us as a culture. It’s time for us to get off that mindless train and go into funland for a change. It’s so important to have fun and be kind to others, and yourself right now, more than ever. The future of this world might depend on that one little thing. Kindness. Such a little word with such a big job.


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