I want to talk about something that’s very different for me to talk about-but incredibly important. My therapist brought it up today and I never phrased it that way before, but it was eye opening. It’s about grief. And why I feel like a failure at times is i’m greiving for a life I’ll never have. I didn’t realize that you could grieve for something you never had, as well as something you lost. Grief for not living on my own, grief for not owning an apartment. Grief for not having a 9 to 5 job, and grief for not being able to have children. I’m slowly digesting this, so I feel it’s important to write it out. It’s okay to grieve,even if your trauma is slightly different than others. Even if you don’t even feel like you lived that traumatic of a life because it’s the only life you knew, and was filled with love and support. There’s still grief mingled with it. So I’m starting a new chapter as I’m now 30. During this year I’ll be working on the grief process, and how to move on with the realization I might never live like anybody else I know, but I can still have my own experiences. I truly feel this is one of the first major steps towards my own self acceptance as a pesron.


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  1. kakho says:

    Thank you for this post. I want to say you are not alone and that our pain and grief are all but temporary. I wish you a wonderful year ahead.


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